Mappler Lab

20130719-Vertices-Relaunch-Strategy-13For thousands of years, people have relied on maps for explaining the world. Early adventurers stared into them, totally enthralled in the immensity of the world to discover, with visions of what lies along the many roads untraveled. Today, while our immediate relationships to maps have gone through many transformations, the ability encoded within every map to force people to think has remained constant.

Mappler Lab is a bi-weekly showcase of thought-provoking maps, created for the purpose of appealing to the thinker and adventurer in its viewers. We hope to enable our audience to see maps beyond the narrow scope of GPS navigation, while utilizing the most up to date geographic information systems technology. These maps address topics of interest to a variety of audiences ranging from politics, environment, transportation, entertainment, crime, and much more. Mappler Lab believes that by enabling our audience to address today’s issues through interactive mapping, they will gain a more geographic perspective, and in turn commence new thought and discovery.

Interactive Mapping and Mobile Data Collection

VERTICES offers a suite of affordable and highly customizable MapplerĀ® products that allow geospatial data to be organized, mapped, and shared with the community and interested partners. Whether it be mobile data collection for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, interactive mapping and website development, or GIS/IT consulting services, VERTICES has a solution for you.

Mappler Technology allows you to easily create your own web and mobile-based mapping application to better visualize points of interest to meet your project needs. Mappler is a web-based interface that uses interactive mapping to visually display information. Mappler Mobile is a mobile-based data collection tool that supplements Mappler by offering real-time data collection uploaded directly from your Smartphone to your Mappler web-based site.

Turning maps into apps is easier than you think

With Mappler, you can create a fully-customized mobile app of your interactive map at a more affordable price compared to hiring an app development agency. Our apps feature on-the-go data collection and batch update through spreadsheets.